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Stir the conversation
Friday, March 24 | 2017

This program is changing veterans’ lives

ATLANTA – Channel 2’s Craig Lucie went to Arthur Blank’s office and he listened to a former Navy Seal talk about his program, Heroes and Horses.

The program helps veterans who are struggling to adjust back to life in society, and as the combat veteran who started it explains, it’s all about them finding their purpose in life.

“At Heroes and Horses, we don’t believe the veteran is sick, diseased or broken. We believe they’ve had experiences in life that actually give them an opportunity to grow and learn above themselves and move forward in life,” sad Micah Fink.

Micah Fink is the CEO of Heroes and Horses.

He spent 10 years with Navy SEAL teams, both active duty and reserves, and earned the Bronze Star.

“There’s no program in the U.S. that is as challenging and as long as Heroes and Horses. There are not programs producing the types of results that we are getting,” said Fink.

Fink’s life goals include helping our combat veterans find out who they truly are after experiencing what many of us cannot imagine.

In order for them to do that, Blank has donated his Mountain Sky Ranch in Montana for veterans to become disconnected in the remote wilderness.

“They focus on identifying their own individual greatness and achieve that by looking to themselves for answers and not looking out for answers. I think the wilderness and horses shift that focus from out to in,” said Fink.

For the qualified veterans, there is no charge for what Fink calls the three phase re-integration into society for combat veterans.

While Lucie was in the Arthur Blank family offices with the Falcons owner and Coach Dan Quinn looking on, many were motivated by the Navy Seal hero helping our heroes.

“If you allow life to happen to you, it puts you in a position where you become victimized by the experiences, but if you realize that life is happening for you, it gives you a choice about what those experiences can be,” said Fink.

At the speaker series this week, Blank’s team announced that they are giving Heroes and Horses a $60,000 Challenge Grant, which means they need to raise another $60,000 to use it.

SOURCE : This program is changing veterans’ lives

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