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Monday, April 24 | 2017

New Age Coaching: Five-Horse Coach



The old saying goes, “A goal without a plan is a wish.” So, are you only wishing, or do you have a plan?

If you don’t have a plan to achieve your goal, you need one. In this article, we’ll discuss the journey you need to take from wherever you are now to where you want to be. And, because you’ll take this journey in manageable stages and not just all in one stint (we’ll get to this shortly), your vehicle won’t be just any vehicle, but a stagecoach.

Ready to board? Not quite yet. First, we need to talk about what’s going to pull your stagecoach. There are five special, metaphorical horses, each of which has a specific role that will help you get to your destination.

The “Five-Horse” Coach Concept

The stage line, still metaphorically speaking, represents the knowledge you need to make sustainable changes, reach clear goals, and replace old behavioral habits with new ones. In other words, this stage line is a route to the personal and professional improvement that some of us need to solve procrastinated problems and overcome serious obstacles.

Again, your route consists of five stages of discovery, each pulled by a specific component, which I call a “horse.”

  • Stage One: Awareness, which the Mindfulness horse leads
  • Stage Two: Thinking, which the Neuroscience horse leads
  • Stage Three: Feeling, which the Emotional Intelligence horse leads
  • Stage Four: Choosing, which the Positive Psychology horse leads
  • Stage Five: Acting, which the Coaching Methodology horse leads

Specifically, it works like this:

1. Awareness

At the awareness stage, which the Mindfulness horse leads, you are hearing your breath, centering yourself and establishing a connection to your resourceful state of mind. When working to achieve your goal, you can non-judgmentally observe and increase awareness of all possible options, facts and circumstances relevant to your situation. You must be aware of what is not serving you in your current life and view all the possible options from your resourceful state of mind.

2. Thinking

In the thinking stage, you’re answering the question: “What is my higher dream?” allowing the Neuroscience horse to guide you to a powerful way of organizing your thoughts. In this stage, you are evaluating your old behavioral patterns and creating new ones. You’re effectively analyzing your present situation before you start to think about your goals.

3. Feeling

In the feeling stage, your emotions make themselves heard through your “self-talk” and confirm that the mind and body are a linked system. The Emotional Intelligence horse will help you learn the congruency between your emotions and behavior. Having a better understanding of your emotions and the labels you attach to them will help you deal with negative emotions and identify the best behavioral options. You will learn how to influence the way you feel.

4. Choosing

In the choosing stage, you’re using your “deciding” and “feeling” skills to help guide you to your positive desired outcome. It’s the Positive Psychology horse that does the work at this stage, as you choose where it is that you really want to be. A truthful choice makes you happy here and now.

5. Acting

In the acting stage, you’re fine-tuning your personal values as they relate to your desired goals and using the Coaching Methodology horse to help you confidently align and further evaluate short-term goals vis-á-vis long-term goals. You’re also combining the experience and knowledge gained in each of the previous stages in order to become the sole driver of your own stagecoach.

So, why is it important to visit those five stages?

Bottom line: the above stage line will guide you to accomplish your goals with certainty, effectiveness, and clarity.

  • You will increase your awareness of the need for change.
  • You will better understand your thinking process and learn to organize your thoughts.
  • You will learn how to influence your feelings by using “self-talk.”
  • You will focus on positive outcomes before you take an action.
  • You will more certainly accomplish your desired goals by implementing “aha” moments and new tools that you discovered throughout the journey.

Achieving one’s goals brings satisfaction, happiness and a richer life, but you have to focus on your human development in order to do so. By taking a “five-horse” development route, you will connect with your dreams, make desired changes, and in the future, implement your newly discovered knowledge and powerful tools.

Remember, happiness does not simply happen. It is the result of a well-thought-out and well-lived life. You, too, can make it happen by undertaking your journey in a “five-horse coach.”

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