Experienced leader. Essential message.


Experienced leader. Essential message.

In 1903, Antonio and Lucia Salamone and their three children embarked on a precarious, unpredictable journey from their countryside home in Cerda, Sicily to Ellis Island, New York. Through high seas and ship-wide sickness, all five survived the month-long voyage and disembarked in their new home in America. Chris Salamone, great-grandson of Antonio and Lucia, is the heir of their great sacrifice. From their conviction to uproot the loves and lessons of their homeland and replant them in a promising new country, Chris was given a robust heritage of immigrant ingenuity, Italian family values, and an American entrepreneurial spirit. This heritage, and the gratitude he holds for it, has guided Salamone his entire life.  It has served as the bedrock for his successful law practice and the foundation on which he built and sold three companies in the last thirteen years.

Mr. Salamone is a respected attorney, entrepreneur, and thought leader. He is the nation’s foremost expert on the three most crucial leadership traits—gratitude, personal responsibility, and sacrifice—as applied in the three most important human institutions: nations, corporations, and families. He is co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Spartan Capital Investors, a private investment firm where he works with entrepreneurs and executives to help them achieve their business and financial goals. He is also a founding member of the Board of Directors of Chasin Music Group and Chasin Records and serves on the Advisory Board for Penn-Florida Companies, a full service real estate development and management company. Mr. Salamone has previously served on the advisory boards of several non-profits and multi-national organizations including the International Advisory Board for Bentley College, the Board of Directors of the Florence Fuller Child Development Centers, and as special advisor to the Landfall Centre for Finance, Trade & International Affairs, and to the former Chairman of TC Invest, the National Investment Agency of Turks and Caicos.

Mr. Salamone has dedicated much of his adult life to creating and developing educational and leadership development programs for our nation’s youth and young adults. These programs have provided opportunities for students to grow and develop themselves personally and academically. A true visionary, Mr. Salamone created “first of their kind” businesses that have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of students and young adults across the country and around the world.

Mr. Salamone is the Founder and former CEO of LeadAmerica, and the National Student Leadership Conference, non-partisan educational organizations that sponsor academic-based leadership programs for high-achieving middle and high school students. He is also the Founder and former President of the National Institute for Legal Education and the BarBri Law Prep Program.  He is the co-author of The Law School Companion and author of a lecture tape series on success strategies. Mr. Salamone has taught trial advocacy at Loyola Law School in Chicago, served on the teaching faculty for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy at Nova University Law School and has lectured for various organizations at universities across the country including Stanford, Harvard, the University of Texas, Columbia, and Georgetown.

As Chairman of the LeadAmerica Foundation, and through his personal philanthropy, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated to education and leadership development. Through the Foundation, Mr. Salamone founded and sponsors GirlsLead, a non-profit and non-partisan leadership development program for outstanding young women from the US and abroad. Internationally, Mr. Salamone sponsors and provides direct financial support for the education of more than 200 Haitian children. Books, teachers, and other needed supplies are provided as a result of Mr. Salamone’s support.

Mr. Salamone is trained in the martial arts of Jyu Ryu and Miyama Ryu Combat Jujitsu. He also enjoys golf and cooking, but his passion is studying and singing opera.