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Thursday, June 8 | 2017

5 Lessons From Wildly Successful Business Leaders

There are entrepreneur success stories, and then there are entrepreneur horror stories. It’s easy to hear about the times people crossed the finish line and won it all. Those are the tales people love to tell. But what young, aspiring … READ MORE

Saturday, March 25 | 2017

College Is the Goal. The Problem? Getting There.

TOPEKA, Kan. — She was a blur of motion — leading the school step-dance team, working long hours after school at a beauty products store, mentoring younger students and caring for her siblings. So TaTy’Terria Gary, a senior at Topeka … READ MORE

Friday, March 24 | 2017

This program is changing veterans’ lives

ATLANTA – Channel 2’s Craig Lucie went to Arthur Blank’s office and he listened to a former Navy Seal talk about his program, Heroes and Horses. The program helps veterans who are struggling to adjust back to life in society, … READ MORE