Zuppa - ZUPPA (Italian for “Soup”) is the first course of almost every Italian meal. It’s simple. It’s inviting, especially when you’re hungry. I can remember growing up in New Jersey not to far from Ellis Island and hearing stories about immigrant relatives who relied on soup because along with a few crusts of bread it was all they had.  I often think about them stepping off the boat, compelled to risk everything for Liberty and how often we take ours for granted. They stepped onto unfamiliar soil with a few heirlooms, a suitcase, and in many cases a soup kettle. When all else was stripped away, soup represented something familiar and foundational. I also remember being called to the table as much by my mothers voice as by the aroma of the sauce or soup she had been preparing all day. Soup was central to the table. And the table was central to the family. It’s  Mi Famiglia. The table was a place that we told stories, respected elders, and passed down traditions. It was a place we came in gratitude for how this country had so richly welcomed and blessed us. America needs a table stirring more conversations like that.Where we can take pride in her virtues. Where we can engage in passionate discourse about what’s right and what’s going wrong. Where we can covenant with one another to never let liberty fade for the next generation on our watch. If you still believe in America. If her simple values still mean something. You are being called to gather at this table.
Wednesday, Apr 26 | 2017

The Value Of Strategic Thinking

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